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# Introduction

A gm script to preload next page and join pages together.

The script is forked from ywzhaiqi/Super_preloaderPlus. Thanks to the original author swdyh, ywzhaiqi and NLF. swdyh is still actively improving rules and developing the Chrome extension, AutoPagerize

This userscript is more powerful than AutoPagerize in the sense that it has more flexibility for the method to define rules. You can not only use xpath selector link to derive the url for the next page, but also use JavaScript function to achieve the goal. You are also able to correct the content if the automatic rule is not perfect since we provide DocumentFilter.

The other reason for the existence of this userscript is because someone needs to maintain the rules for Chinese and English users since swdyh’s rules are mainly for Japanese websites. Don’t be afraid of the fact that most feedbacks are in Chinese. I would like to add rules for English users if I could. Feel free to leave feedback.